Kipapa Elementary Physical Education Program

School Closure Resources
Kipapa Elementary is where all individuals will appreciate and participate in a healthy, active lifestyle.
Goals and Objectives
  • 100% Participation.
  • Fitness based P.E.
  • Enjoy and seek out physical activity.
  • Develop and maintain acceptable levels of physical activity.
  • Develop a variety of basic movement and manipulative skills so students will experience success and feel comfortable during present and future physical activity pursuits.
  • Develop the ability to get along with others in movement environments.
Sports, Play & Active Recreation for Kids "SPARK"
  • Aligned with National Standards
  • Has a major focus on promoting regular physical activity after school, on weekends, during holidays, summers, and after the program ends.
  • Provides integration with other subjects.
Fitness 4 Life
  • Teach essential health-related concepts of fitness, physical activity, nutrition, and wellness.
  • Meet local and state requirements, enhance academic performance, and help fight childhood obesity.
  • Meet recommendations and standards from CDC, USDA, and NASPE for daily and weekly physical activity.
  • Lessons that are standards based and developmentally appropriate.
  • Active lifestyle program - Activity log
  • Physical Fitness Test
Nuts and Bolts
  • Locomotor skills
  • Manipulative skills
Character Counts
  • Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship
Shape America National Physical Education Standards and Grade Level Outcomes
American Heart Association Hands Only CPR
USA Rugby
Rookie Rugby
USTA School Tennis