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Kipapa will be CLOSED to students until at least May 28.  Keep checking our website & ClassDojo for the latest updates.
P.E. » Grades Kindergarten - 2nd

Grades Kindergarten - 2nd

Basic Concepts
Physical education is a part of the total education program that contributes, primarily through movement experiences, to the total growth and development of all children.  Three outcomes of physical education are unique:
  1. Achievement of personalized physical fitness level.
  2. Development of competency in a variety of physical skills to assure that students can function effectively in selected physical activities.
  3. Students acquire knowledge related to motor skill performance and fitness maintenance.
In physical education class, the students will be building a foundation for future testing and participating in three major concept areas listed below.
  1. Movement Concepts and Skill Development - A variety of activities will be introduced to increase studentsʻ movement experiences and skill development.  These activities include: specialized games, dance, rope jumping, ball skills, and movement concepts.
  2. Fitness - Good health related physical fitness is built over time.  The students will be learning and practicing fitness concepts that will help maintain and/or improve the studentsʻ fitness level.
  3. Health - The major emphasis this year will be safety, good health habits, heart health, nutrition and body systems.
Student Expectations
Each student is expected to:
  • Cooperate with all students and instructors
  • Follow the Character Counts Pillars
  • Follow the General Learner Outcomes
  • Have a good attitude
  • Work hard in a group or independently
  • Students should have APPROPRIATE SHOES
  • Students with long hair, please tie or braid hair before P.E. class