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Junior Police Officer (JPO) Program

What is a JPO?
The Honolulu Police Department's Junior Police Officer Program (JPO) started in 1921 and is in 120 schools.  JPO's at Kipapa School are trained in leadership, civic responsibility, and help ensure the safety of fellow students as they arrive at and depart from school.
Job Responsibilities
In the mornings and afternoons, the JPO's work with the crossing guard to help students cross Kipapa Drive.  They raise and lower the United States and Hawaii flags and monitor student behavior on campus.  In the mornings, JPO's assist in the cafeteria with breakfast.
Behavioral Expectations
Due to the great responsibility and high visibility of what JPO's do, he/she is expected to be responsible and reliable, maintain high academic performance, and display exemplary behavior.  Attendance, behavior, and academic progress is monitored.