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Gr. PS-2 Counseling Resources

Happy May! Please see the below calendar for easy ways to incorporate SEL for the month of May. Feel free to take pictures and send to me!
Parents ... remember to take a moment for yourself and to give yourself some grace! We are all in this together. :)
Here are some easy ways to incorporate SEL and Character Counts into your daily life! Feel free to take pictures and send to your child's teacher or email it directly to me :) 
Here is an awesome resource to help your child(ren) document their experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic
Here are two videos on how to DIY your own glitter jar or water beads jar. You can use it as a calm down tool (as in the video above), or just as a fun arts and crafts for the family!
Please remember to use your coping skills when you feel BIG emotions! We practiced these in guidance lessons. Print them out to color them and tell your family what coping skills you will use when you are upset.
Learn to belly breathe with Elmo and friends! Remember to use belly breathing or hot chocolate breathing (slowly breathe in through your nose to smell the hot chocolate, slowly breathe out to cool down the hot chocolate) when you begin to experience big emotions.
I LOVE this resource! Color by coping skill to learn different ways to calm down when you feel worried, upset, angry, etc :)
This coping skills workbook is an excellent resource to review skills for when we experience big emotions! Please talk with your child(ren) about what they can do to calm themselves down and that EVERYONE gets upset/angry/frustrated/sad/worried.